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Welcome to the ViaCord Blog.

You’ll hear from our experts, families and staff with an insightful and unique perspective on stem cells and cord blood. We have a team of bloggers posting for ViaCord and we all look forward to connecting with you.

Morey Kraus,
Chief Scientific Officer

Morey has spent the better part of his career innovating ways to increase numbers of stem cell populations, including cord blood stem cells. At ViaCord, he continues on this mission, working to expand cord blood stem cells uses with the goal of treating more diseases.

Morey works side by side with scientists, researchers, medical doctors, the team at ViaCord and other industry professionals. On the ViaCord Blog, he also looks forward to connecting with ViaCord families. Here, he will share his thoughts on:

  • breakthroughs and advances in the uses of cord blood stem cells.
  • news about cord blood stem cell research being conducted around the world.
  • ongoing clinical trials and what trial results could mean for families today and in the future.

Stay tuned for posts from Morey and don’t miss your opportunity to connect with this innovative industry leader!

Kate Falcon
Clinical Manager

Many people in life never find their true calling. The same cannot be said for Kate Falcon, whose career has taken her right to where she was meant to be. Early in her career, she worked as a labor and delivery nurse when she began noticing a new trend that intrigued her: expecting parents were asking to collect their baby’s cord blood at delivery. She contacted ViaCord and had so many questions; they invited her to their headquarters to learn more. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, Kate leverages her unique background, which covers everything from collecting cord blood during deliveries, to educating the ObGyn population on the hematology and oncology application of cord blood stem cells, to serving as ViaCord’s clinical manager. In this role, Kate works with families who require a cord blood stem cell transplant, coordinating between them, the transplant facility and ViaCord to make sure the cord blood unit is tested, prepared and shipped as required. This includes coordination for cord blood units used in clinical trials of emerging treatments and ViaCord’s Sibling Connection, a program designed for families in need. Post-transfusion, she follows transplant recipients for 5 years, tracking their progress and outcomes. In our blog, Kate will share insights about the transplant/transfusion process and experiences from families who have received or are in need of a cord blood stem cell transplant. Before you read one of Kate’s posts, be sure to have some tissues handy.

Karen Foster
Vice President, ViaCord Processing Laboratory

In a state that’s known for its famous horse race, Karen Foster is also helping Kentucky earn a different type of reputation-one for housing one of the world’s most advanced cryopreservation laboratories. Karen oversees ViaCord’s state-of-the-art processing laboratory , where she and her staff receive ViaCord collection kits from all over the country to be processed, tested and stored. The lab also prepares and ships units upon request for transplantation.

Karen is focused on protecting ViaCord families by providing them with cord blood stem cells that have been processed, preserved and, if ever needed, prepared for transplant in the best possible environment. So if there’s news or information about ViaCord’s collection process and processing laboratory, you’ll hear it here first from Karen.

Jim Corbett
President, N.A. Genetic Screening, Perkin Elmer

For Jim, it’s all about the big picture – the health of your family. That’s why he’s helping make PerkinElmer a leader in family health. In addition to making sure that ViaCord delivers an unsurpassed customer experience and the highest quality results for families who choose to bank their baby’s cord blood, Jim also oversees other Perkin Elmer products, like prenatal screening from NTD Labs and newborn genetic screening with HealthCheckNB.

To learn more about the company’s commitment to protect the health of your pregnancy, your baby, and your family, follow Jim’s posts to hear:

  • news and announcements about ViaCord & PerkinElmer
  • investments in reasearch and technologies that help further the our mission to expand the uses of cord blood stem cells
  • comments on industry news and insights into healthcare trends

Lisa Girolimetti (a.k.a. Lisa G)
Internet Marketing

Web 2.0. Social media. Tweets. Blogs. Wikis. Sound like buzz words? Don’t worry, Lisa says you don’t need to understand them to reap their value. Lisa stresses that by using these new and important ways to communicate and find information, expecting parents and others can learn more about the value of cord blood banking in meaningful ways – whether it’s by connecting with other parents who want to share their experiences with cord blood banking or by hearing amazing stories of hope about children whose lives have been saved by the power of cord blood.

Stay tuned for updates on new ways to connect to ViaCord online.

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